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We have solutions "beyond the ultimate"

About Us

We have grown as a leading IT company in Sri Lanka providing the best IT and Business solutions for our clients to grow their business reliability for many years.

we are best in our field - NOVATECHzone (pvt) ltd

Why we are best
for you

We have being in the market for many year and we know you.

We know your business

We have met every type of business clients in the long journey in our history. So definitely we have already given solutions for your type of business too.

We know your targets

We have worked with so many clients in many business fields. So we have the exactly right solutions to guide for your targets.

We know the value of your time

We have a well trained and well experienced team to work friendly and efficiently with our clients. So you don't need to worry about your time.

Customer satisfaction software
in the market

We have a mature software developing team having years of experiences in the IT and business fields. We are developing the best software in the market with the combination of new technologies and modern creative ideas.

customer satisfaction NOVATECHzone (pvt) ltd

Few of our services

We have extended in a huge area of the IT field providing different types of services to our clients all over the world.


Few of our features in our services and products.

modern look - NOVATECHzone (pvt) ltd

modern look

Modern look is one of our key feature of our services and products.

creative designs - NOVATECHzone (pvt) ltd

creative design

responsive designs - NOVATECHzone (pvt) ltd

responsive ready

NOVATECHzone (pvt) ltd
super fast - NOVATECHzone (pvt) ltd

super fast

managed contents - NOVATECHzone (pvt) ltd

managed layouts

business optimised

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(+94) 011 581 2710
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