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Guide to Mobile App Development

We are in the Mobile Era. Are you…?

What is a Mobile App ?

Mobile app development is a process of writing software for small portable devices, such as PDAs, smartphones or tablets. These applications can be pre-installed on your device, downloaded through various platforms for software distribution, or even installed on your device in the form of native-like web apps”

what is a mobile app

Why You Need a Mobile App for Business

Do you know? According to experts, by next few years smartphones will become 10 times more popular than computers.

Business apps can be divided into two groups

Mobile App Development for Internal Corporate needs

Mobile Apps for internal corporate needs

Mobile App Development for external purposes like sales & marketing

Mobile Apps for external purposes, like sales, marketing & branding

The most popular types of internal business applications.

The most popular types of internal business Apps

  • Automation of daily routine operations apps
  • Statistics and reporting apps
  • Efficiency monitoring apps
  • Productivity improvement apps
  • File sharing apps
  • Internal communication apps (messengers, trackers)
  • Corporate social networks apps
  • Project management apps
The most popular types of Client business Apps​

The most popular types of Client business Apps

  • Ticketing apps
  • Delivery status tracking apps
  • Internet banking apps
  • Online payment apps
  • Promo-apps
  • Loyalty apps
  • Routers and guides apps
  • Classified apps
  • Taxi booking apps

Why You Need a Mobile App for Business

Types of Mobile Apps in a Technical Sense

Regardless of the purpose of your app, there are several ways to get it done. Each has pros and cons and should be considered separately depending on your business needs and resources.

Types of Mobile Apps in a Technical Sense by NovaTechZone

Native Application Development

Native applications are programs created using software development kit (SDK) and distributed through app stores. SDKs exist for each mobile operating system and, unfortunately, differ from each other.

For example, to create an app for iOS, you should download and install the iOS SDK and development tools, and write the code in the Objective-C or Swift programming language. Android applications are developed using the Android SDK and written in Java. Thus, to create a native app, you need to know the platform SDK and use a supported programming language.

Web Application Development by NovaTechZone Software Company

Web Applications Development

Web applications, downloaded to a mobile web browser, differ from native ones in their code – it is written using web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS) that are independent of the operating system.


To launch a web app, users enter a URL into the mobile web browser. After that, the web page, the entry point to the web application, is loaded. Web apps are not distributed through app stores; they are normal links which can be included in other web pages, e-mails or even written on paper.

Hybrid Application Development by NovaTechZone Software Company

Hybrid Applications Development

Hybrid apps try to combine the benefits of both types of mobile programs. Hybrid applications, like web apps, are programmed using web technologies, but are packaged as native ones. A hybrid app can be written for several mobile operating systems using a programming language familiar to many developers. Since a hybrid app is actually built-in, you get access to the device functions from JavaScript, which is not yet available for web applications. Hybrid programs can be distributed and installed through app stores, like native software.

If you are wondering what is Hybrid and Native?

Read about comparison of hybrid and native apps here

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our mobile apps are very speed

Speed Apps

The compiled code is optimal for the platform. An app receives full hardware support and uses multithreading for complex tasks. During the mobile app development our developers measure the speed of all parts of the code and, if necessary, optimise them.

mobile apps are flexible in implementation

Flexibility with Mobile Devices

We develop mobile app 100% compatible with the operation systems of mobile devices. So all our mobile apps runs smoothly and flexibly in all mobile devices.

Support from the App Store and Google Play

Support from the App Store and Google Play

Apple and Google set high requirements on the quality of apps in the stores. They are interested in getting the most positive experience for users. The app should be beautiful, convenient and working fast.

Simplicity of testing

Tested Simplicity of apps

Developers and testers have at their disposal a whole set of technologies which help to control all system parameters. If any part of the app stops working correctly after the code changes, the programmer will immediately see the reason and fix the problem. Our apps have the built-in remote error monitoring functionality, which allows you to see the error and its cause on the user’s device.

Entering Your Apps to the New Arena


App stores are the platforms for software distribution. Apple Store is the only one officially working for iOS; all other app stores are for Android or other mobile platforms. The app store means not only the placement of programs but also the organization of search, categorization, fencing, storage of reviews and ratings.

Apple iOS app development by NovaTechZone


Revolutionary lightning-fast mobile apps

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We design, create, deploy and maintain mobile apps for your specific functions and process of your business or organization.

Android app development by NovaTechZone


Next-generation apps offering high performances

Tell us about your business needs. We can help you take it forward.

We design, create, deploy and maintain mobile apps for your specific functions and process of your business or organization.

A Custom Mobile App Need ?

Tell us about your business needs. We can help you take it forward.

We design, create, deploy and maintain mobile apps for your specific functions and process of your business or organization.

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