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Headquartered in Sri Lanka, is a world leader in bespoke app development. By taking on board your business values and overall strategy and adding advanced functionality and design, we deliver amazing tailor-made mobile phone applications and mobile solutions.

Bespoke mobile app development is our top-priority service

Our Sri Lanka based mobile agency specializes in apps for iOS and Android. We have created hundreds of enterprise-grade mobile projects for our customers all over the world.

NovaTechZone Mobile App UI Design

We have been delivering Apple and Android applications for smartphones and tablets for nearly a decade.

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We develop iPhone app as the leading Mobile App Development Company

iOS app development

Revolutionary lightning-fast mobile apps

We develop Android apps as the leading Mobile App Development Company

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Next-generation apps offering high performances

How to create mobile application


Our consultants offer guidance through the entire iOS/Android app development life cycle. NovaTechZone business analysts work to help you to formalize key demands, choose the appropriate platform and priority devices and structure your future mobile app’s requirements.


NovaTechZone’s leading app designers create the perfect visualization for the user journey. Via intuitive functionality implemented within user-friendly interfaces, we provide app users with a fantastic user experience whilst ensuring profits and overall satisfaction for businesses.

Wearable app development

With a decade’s experience in iOS app and Android app development, we are proud to provide reliable bespoke mobile app. Our expert team and transparent development process allow us to create apps in short sprints, providing our customers with highly-functional mobile programs.

NovaTechZone - a mobile app developer that brings mobility to your business

6 steps to create an amazing mobile application

Our development begins with straightforward discussion to get familiar with your great ideas. We analyze the market situation and assess all the pros and cons of any given feature to ensure your future mobile app’s competitive market edge. Working side-by-side with you, we’ll list features by priority and set the timeline development. Next, our mobile app developers and UI designers will implement your ideas into a smartphone or tablet application that best meets your company’s needs.



Our mobile app development agency get to know you and familiarize themselves with your ideas, then our developers help you find the perfect digital solution to meet your business’s needs.



Our mobile app development agency get to know you and familiarize themselves with your ideas, then our developers help you find the perfect digital solution to meet your business’s needs.



Our mobile app development agency get to know you and familiarize themselves with your ideas, then our developers help you find the perfect digital solution to meet your business’s needs.



NovaTechZone’s talented developers code the app, fleshing out the designs into a functional program.



Our quality assurance team rigorously tests the app, ensuring that it works as intended, has no bugs and is highly secure.



We submit your brand-new application to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, where your customers can download it and start bringing benefits to your business.

Need help in translation what the big brands achieved to your business app?

NovaTechZone mobile app developers are always glad to help. Contact us and we’ll share our expertise to speed up your progress.

Need help in translation what the big brands achieved to your business app​

Types of Mobile Apps We develop at NovaTechZone

iPhone App Development

NovaTechZone is tuned into the world’s most sophisticated processes to reveal finest of iPhone app development traits that belong to class of users that iPhone boasts to own. Quality strikes with every pixel coded and designed to put forth the iPhone apps that are built in our tech labs aimed at delivering the best of iOS application development results!

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iPad App Development

While delivering iPad application development services we at NovaTechZone aim at providing fine selection of tablet design and programming practices that radiate with your utility and value dynamics. Robust mechanism, intuitive interface, seamless navigation, advanced features, and clean and adaptable coding are the top traits that we strive to deliver for your customer base.

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Android App Development

NovaTechZone is among the first known entrants in the area delivering solutions to a broad array of utility and application verticals in the Android application development front. We have created Android applications with services including GPS, Payments, Multilingual properties, and Social APIs and more for Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables and Android TV.

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Hybrid Mobile App Development

We are continually moving towards all-round and pervasive solutions. Hybrid technology is one such change bringing new possibilities and advantages to the world of enterprise mobile apps. And NovaTechZone is endlessly bringing best of the resources and practices together, to get you the best of hybrid and cross platform privileges in your budget.

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Wearable App Development

NovaTechZone is all equipped with latest skills and ideas that brew in the realm of wearable application development. Our team of top mobile app developers for hire have proven expertise and characteristic ability to conceptualize, design and build feature rich and engrossing apps for wearable devices for iOS and Android embedded and sourced by the next-level automation.

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IoT Application Development

NovaTechZone helps you to transform devices into smart devices by the aid of smart connection with your Mobile applications. Our mobile application development solutions are impressively preoccupied with IoT Applications and set the users all ready to enjoy the services beforehand.

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We Provide a Complete Feature Suite To Build Your Custom Mobile Apps

We offer end-to-end features to drive engagement & revenue for your brand

Multiple Payment

Build Your Custom Mobile Apps with multiple payment option

Advanced Analytics

Build Your Custom Mobile Apps with Advanced Analytics

Multi Language

Build Your Custom Mobile Apps with Multi Language Options

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly mobile app development services

Discount & Promotions

Build Your Custom Mobile Apps with Discount and promotions Options

Rating & Reviews

Push Notification

Build Your Custom Mobile Apps with Push Notification Options

Geo Location

Build Your Custom Mobile Apps with Geo Location Options

What to do next ?

When you have a detailed the features you need in the app and know exactly what you need, the NovaTechZone can evaluate the project and provide you with a precise budget and development schedule.


As many business owners need additional support at the initial stage of app development in order to collect features, we’ll quite often begin the overall estimate with a discovery phase. As a result, our IT expert will create a detailed SRS including an exact price and development schedule as well as a list of intended features and project development milestones.


Cooperation with a reliable mobile app development company is the optimal way to lower costs without compromising on quality. In app programming, the budget, timing and success of the project largely depend on the proficiency of the team. Only mature IT companies with skilled app architects, programmers, testers and UI designers can guarantee you a seamless, user-friendly, stable, invulnerable app at a reasonable price. Luckily you have come to the best place.

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iPad App Development

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Android App Development

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Hybrid Mobile App Development

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IoT Application Development

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