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The world of business in the past was not even closer to its present form ever before. It was widely accepted that small businesses had a little chance of surviving in the market in front of the big competitors. But time has changed now. With the help of cloud computing, small-sized businesses are paving their way into the markets without the fear of survival.


With a wide range of hosting solutions available, Nova Tech Zone can cater to any demand. Our hosting package range includes Linux hosting, Linux cloud hosting, Windows hosting, radio hosting and enterprise-grade email hosting. Our hosting solutions are suitable for any shared hosting requirement from the beginner level to the enterprise level.


What you will get with our cloud hosting solutions

Super Fast RAID10 Protected SSD Storage

100% Uptime on a Clustered Architecture

Super Fast Triple-replicated Ceph SSD Storage

Extra security layer

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What kind of hosting solutions?

Linux Hosting

Fast RAID10 protected SSD based Linux shared hosting with full cPanel access, SEO and Marketing tools, startup tutorials, online site builder, one-click installer and much more features from the best web hosting provider in Sr Lanka.


Cloud Hosting

Ultra-fast, triple replicated SSD based Linux shared hosting with full cPanel access,LiteSpeed Enterprise, startup tutorials, online site builder, one-click installer and much more features.

  • Secure
  • Never Down
  • Always Fast Cloud Hosting

Windows Hosting

Enterprise grade Windows shared hosting with ASP/ASP.NET, NET Core and MSSQL from the best web hosting providers in Sri Lanka. Nova Tech Zone helps to run your website fast and reliable to meet all your Windows development needs.

  • Feature Rich
  • State of the Art Windows Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Fully managed WordPress optimized hosting with Build-in Safeguards to make your WordPress website fast and secure. Nova Tech Zone uses centralized management tools to optimize, manage and secure multiple WordPress installations.

  • Focus on your contents
  • we will take care of the rest

Business Email Hosting

Having official emails for your business is a must for a healthy business. We provide you the best and modern business emails hosting services according to your business requirements.

Domain Registration

Nova Tech Zone is one of the most trusted and low cost domain registration providers in Sri Lanka. Nova Tech Zone is the best place to register your LK, COM, INFO, NET, BIZ etc… domain names for the lowest possible cost and manage it easily.


SSL Certificates

Get started today with our low-cost SSL services to secure your website with our most cutting edge security solutions. We are the first ever complete SSL service provider in Sri Lanka.

super fast hosting solutions by nova tech zone

Web Hosting Solutions
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stand out of the competition with nova tech zone mobile solutions

Stand Out From The Competition

These days, pretty much every large business or company that you can think of has a mobile application. But this is something that is still pretty rare at the small business level.
This means that it’s up to you to be bold, take a leap of faith, and be the first small business near you to offer an app to your customers.
They will be impressed by your modern and ambitious approach, and this will help you to stand out amongs your competitors.

visible_at_all_time_mobile solutions nova_tech_zone

Be Visible At All Times

Most people spend at least a couple of hours on their phone every single day. Of course, this time is often most spent playing games or browsing social media. But that doesn’t change the fact that, if someone has your app downloaded onto their phone, they’re going to see it every time they look through their apps. This means that they’ll constantly be reminded that you exist, which ensures that you’ll be the first business that they think of when they need to buy what you sell.


Improve Your Customer Service

It doesn’t matter what it is you sell, your customers need some way to reach you when they have a question or query. Of course, you may have an email address or phone number available on your website, but this means that your customers have to go and look for these things. It would be so much easier for them if you had a messaging service built into your app. This way, they’ll get a quicker response, which shows them that you care about them and want to help.


Boost Brand Recognition

If your business app is designed well and works properly, then yours should be the first business that consumers think of when they want to buy something that you sell. This is because the increased visibility will constantly be reminding them that you exist. Just make sure that you have your app tested by a mobile app testing group or company before you launch it. If your app is unprofessional, then it will have the opposite effect, meaning that you’ve wasted time and money.


Provide Value To Customers

Consumers are going to be less willing to buy from you if they feel that you only care about their money, which is why many businesses try to provide value to their customers through loyalty cards. These days, you can digitize your loyalty programme and make it possible for customers to collect points through their mobile application. This means that customers will still earn points, even if they’re buying from you online or forget to bring their loyalty card out with them.

Build And Maintain Loyalty

An app is a great way to build and maintain loyalty to your small business. Sure, there’s the fact that you can offer a loyalty programme on your app, which gives customers a reason to come back again and again. But an app can also improve your customer service. If you show customers that you genuinely care about them, by always being available through a messaging service, they’re going to want to help you by shopping with you.


Connect With Busy Customers

Shopping online is a lot more convenient than going to a store, but there are still customers out there that don’t have the time to sit down at a computer and go through your website. However, these people almost always have their smartphone with them. Which means that, if you had an app, they could buy from you when they’re at the gym, watching television, or on a break at work. If you made it possible for them to save their payment details, it would be even easier for them.

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